4 Benefits of taking PPARs Supplement

4 Benefits of taking PPARs Supplement

Many people have the perception that all the vitamins and minerals required by the human body can be retrieved from eating a balanced and healthy diet. However, no matter how conscientious are you in eating a well-balanced diet, chances are it is very likely for you to fall short of essential nutrition. A large part is due to the food we consume, which likely contains contaminants in order to short cut the process of natural growth. In addition, with the mobile devices and modern technologies around our bodies, it has made the needs of supplements more important than ever.


Snapshot of the Importance of Supplements and Top 4 Benefits of PPARs Supplement:

1. 4 Reasons to take Supplement

2. Top 5 Popular and Beneficial Supplements

3. Top 4 benefits of PPARS Supplements:

4. Where to buy PPARs Supplements

5. Conclusion


4 Reasons to take Supplement


1. Absorption of nutrition declines with Age


The older you age, the lower the capability of the human body to break down and absorbs the necessary nutrients thereby become malabsorption. Besides, when you are getting older, the digestive enzymes which produced by your body, to break down and absorb the nutrient from the food taken naturally starts to decline. People may also take more medications to compare to the time when they were young. This in fact will deplete the nutrients which are essential to the body. At this time, supplements play an important role to restore the imbalance.


2. To fill the nutritional gap


Today, at least 90 % of the people not able to achieve the amount of significant nutrients recommended by taking food alone. The majority of the people fail to meet this dietary recommendation caused by the reason of poor appetite, changing nutritional needs or strict dieting. Therefore, taking supplements will be able to fill the nutritional gap in order to maintain a proper balance of nutrients from food and supplements. By this, nutrient density will be facilitated and you will be able to ensure that you are taking the right amount of nutrients according to the dietary needs.


3. Nutrient Needs increase with exercises


As people are always been encouraged to do more exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it increases the needs of energy and nutrients. And when you exercise, the body will consume all the nutrients and energy which have been stored in the body. It is important to complement these essential nutrients, energy levels and to enhance the recovery after an intense exercise. This is one of the reasons why the diets of athletes always include a great quantity of protein and carbs. Taking protein powder is the simplest and quickest approach to get the calories needed by the body instead of taking one big bowl of chicken.


4. Unhealthy lifestyle habits


Irregular eating habits, for example, taking processed junk food and pressure have both contributed to the poor digestion and cause difficulties of your body to absorb all the essential nutrients. Although supplements will not be able to replace a poor diet, it can assist in preventing the damage caused by poor eating habits.


Top 5 Popular and Beneficial Supplements


i. Multivitamin


Supposedly, you will be able to get all the essential nutrients simply from your diet. However, right at this time, the food provided are mostly being processed and that many nutrients that are essential for the health are missing. Thus, taking a good multivitamin daily becomes important. Look for a supplement that contains Vitamin A, C, E, Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12 where all of these will assist you in enhance the immune system and provide more energy for you during the day.


ii. Probiotics


Everyone might think that bacteria are bad, however, certain bacteria are actually good for the gut. Probiotics, the living organism in the guts, also known as the gut microbiome, are the first line to fight or defense against infection and inflammation. Probiotics playing an important role to keep your gut healthy by increasing the amount of healthy bacteria, at the same time, reduce the harmful ones. Further, probiotics also boosts the immune system, improves digestion and reduces the opportunity in getting flu, colds and helps in curing the bowel diseases which is irritative.


However, with all the antibiotics, antimicrobial soaps and cleaners people are exposed to, the digestive tract is always not able to get the right type of bacteria to keep it in balance. Therefore, you need to ensure you taking sufficient probiotics by eating more probiotic yogurt or by taking the probiotic supplement to enhance your immune system and to protect your gut.


iii. Fish Oil


It is important to have a healthy heart. Taking a daily dose of fish oil will be the easiest way for you to protect your heart. Fish oil can not only lower blood pressure, but also reduce blood clotting and reduce the chance of getting a fatal heart attack. Besides, fish oil is a source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which serves a powerful ally in the fight against inflammation which is the root of all diseases. Omega 3 also helps in alleviating asthma, autoimmune disease, arthritis, chronic pain and even able to defend cancer! Furthermore, this daily essential able to help in reducing the harmful triglycerides and LDL at the same page increase the HDL, which is the good cholesterol to keep your arteries clean.


iv. Vitamin D3


Don’t wish to get a cold? By taking a daily dose of vitamin D3 would definitely help in the prevention of cold. In fact, you would be able to get sufficient Vitamin D simply by exposing yourself to sunlight. However, today’s people spend most of their time indoors, therefore, it is important for you to get Vitamin D from other sources and in other ways. Vitamin D will enhance the absorption of phosphorus and calcium to the bloodstream. The most important is that, lack of Vitamin D will reduce the body's ability to heal from infections and expose to the risk of developing an autoimmune disease.


v. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPAR)


PPAR is a protein that binds to DNA to enhance the expression of the gene, in other words, the production of other vital proteins. There are 3 subtypes of PPARs, that are alpha, gamma and beta/delta. PPARs also the subcellular organelles which are found in the majority of the plants and animal cells. PPARs perform various metabolism for example, cholesterol metabolism, β-oxidation of fatty acids (FAs) and H2O2-based respiration. Furthermore, PPARs also play a role in regulates cholesterol and blood glucose thereby reduce the risk of chronic diseases like heart attack and cancer and diabetes.


In today’s societies, chronic diseases like obesity, cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis increase deaths in the world. Therefore, among these 5 supplements, PPARs are the most important supplement for nowadays people who have a very unhealthy lifestyle, to enhance the immune system and at the same time prevent them from getting chronic diseases.


Top 4 benefits of PPARS Supplements:


Recently, PPARs have become one of the most sought after supplements due to the following benefits:


i. Reducing Blood Glucose


PPARy increases Fibroblast Growth Factor 21(FGF-21), a protein in mammals, which is beneficial to insulin sensitivity and glucose in the blood. Shortly, PPARs act as a key to facilitate the sensitivity of insulin and insulin secretion thereby reduce the glucose in the blood. This will be able to reduce the chance of getting diabetes and act as a controller for a diabetic patient.


ii. Anti-Inflammation


PPARs also acts as an anti-inflammation and block inflammation. The PPAR- α and fenofibrate able to reduce pain and inflammation and further prevent the production of various pro-inflammatory and angiogenic enzymes. Next, PPAR-γ has been recognized in contributing significantly in the immune response through its ability to avoid the expression of inflammatory cytokines and directing various immune cells toward anti-inflammatory phenotypes.


iii. Reduce obesity and heart diseases


As abovementioned, PPARs increase FGF-21. Other than reduce glucose level in blood, FGF-21 is able to boost the fat utilization and energy expenditure. PPARs will activate fatty acid catabolism and take part in controlling the assembly of lipoprotein. The excretion of PPARs which causes the browning of white fat which will be able to facilitate in the fight against obesity. Thus, by taking PPARs supplement, it would able to help people in reducing cholesterol where thereby decrease the chance of getting obesity. Furthermore, PPARs also been shown to have the function to reduce blood pressure and decreases heart disease.


iv. Anti-Cancer Effect


PPARs-Alpha have also been shown to prevent the proliferation of human colon cancer cell lines and reduce the poly formation.

PPAR-β will be able to regulate the keratinocyte differentiation and cell proliferation. It also helps in combat inflammation and wound healing.

PPAR-γ not only regulates the expression of genes which involved in differentiation but also negatively control the cycle of the cell. You may read up more on the role of PPARs in cancer treatment here.


Where to buy PPAR Supplements


Simply Nature provides two types of PPARs, one called SimplyNature PPARs which contain Chlorophyll (having the effect of Blood purification and anti-toxic effect) and Phycocyanin (Anti-Viral, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Oxidation), while another called PPARs Plus Polyphenols which contain of organic micro-algae( brings all the nutrients required by the body to enhance the immune system) and Grape Polyphenols which thus added anti-oxidants and cardiovascular protection. Besides, as PPARs provided by Simply Nature are of completely natural, botanical and organic sources, both are even suitable for expecting and breastfeeding mothers.


Furthermore, PPARs provided by Simply Nature are available in various forms, that are:


1. The Simply Nature PPARs Extract Liquid



This is the most expensive Simply Nature PPARs products comparing to other consumable forms but the most effective one as well. This is because each vial of liquid holds the amount of potency as high as 1,000 tablets. This is meant for those with critical needs and anti-ageing purposes.


2. The Simply Nature PPARs Plus Tablets



Comparing to other consumable forms, capsules and tablets are always the most convenient forms of supplements. The Simply Nature PPARs Plus Tablet contains almost 100 times more than normal vegetables of chlorophyll. Hence, it is beneficial for the blood purification and anti-toxic process of the body. It is beneficial for constipation issues.



3. The Simply Nature PPARs Extract Soft Gel Capsule



Comparing to tablets, soft gel capsules are more easily to swallow. From the perspective of taste, soft gel capsules have no taste or unpleasant odour.

4. The Simply Nature PPARs Extract Powder



Comparing to the other delivery forms of supplements like soft gel capsules and tablets, the powder is always easier and more effective for the body to absorb nutritional support.

If you are facing the difficulty of swallowing capsules or tablets, this PPARs Extract Powder is your ultimate best choice.





To sum up, these supplements are just like what we calling it: supplementary. So, it is definitely doing yourself a disservice, if you allow yourself to have a poor dietary habit, lack of exercise, poor sleep and having a negative attitude, but simply taking pills to improve your health. Supplements are not a drug! However, taking supplements rightly will make an obvious impact on your health and quality of life.


You will not able to achieve an optimum health without an optimum nutrition. While in today’s society, you will not able to achieve an optimum nutrition without supplements. For the price of a fundamental supplement, you will be able to protect yourself from cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other health problems. By doing so, you will not only having a good health, but also reduce the speed of aging. This is probably one of the best investment to make for your health, for having good health equates to having wealth.


Last but not the least, it is no doubt that PPARs is a super supplement today. The benefits of PPARs have been supported by numerous scientific researches and testimonials from both the professionals and the users. There are plenty of brands offering PPAR supplements, but becareful if you do not know the company well. Simply Nature has been around for many years in Singapore and The Philippines. In terms of varieties, Simply Nature is offering 4 consumable types of PPAR supplement to meet your different needs in terms of health and budget. Talk to us on Facebook messenger or check out our website for more information.

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