SimplyNature’s PPARs: Your Key to Prevention and Management!
Clinically proven to help your body manage blood sugar levels naturally.

SimplyNature PPARs is composed of natural food micro-algae. Like most green plant foods, they do not have specific contra-indications with drugs.  Because they are composed of natural green plant food micro-algae, they are beneficial for everyday consumption, even by children.  Reports suggest that ligand activation of PPARδ promotes the induction of terminal differentiation and inhibition of cell growth.

Strengthen Immune System

Our proprietary Micro-Algae’s combination of Phytonutirents, CGF, PPARs Agonists, and nutritional profile has been validated and certified to strengthen our immune system by the proper function of the following:​

1. Increasing our Dendritic Cell Activity.  Dendritic cell activity identifies cells that are in error, such as cancer cells and marks them so that our  "soldier" Natural Killer T Cells can quickly and clearly attack the cancer cells.

2. Increase Macrophage Cell Activity.  Macrophage cells are a type of White Blood Cells that engulfs and digests cellular debris, foreign substances, microbes, cancer cells, and anything else that does not have the types of proteins specific to healthy body cells.

3. Increase Natural Killer Cell Acitivity.  These are the “commando soldiers”  of the body.  Attacking cancer and also viral infected cells.

  • Cell Growth Arrest. Gene Activator

    PPARs Gamma induces cell growth arrest and decreases cell growth proliferation. Through downregulating Cyclin E  and upregulating Cyclin Kinase Inhibitor P21.

  • Starve Cancer Cells

    PPARs modulates the inhibition of Angiogenesis, which is the formation of blood vessels around cells to feed turmor & cancer cells.  By inhibitting angiogenisis, PPARs help to starve cancer cells of critical nourishment needed for cancer growth.


  • Minimize Metastasis (Spread) of Cancer Tumor

    90% of cancer deaths  are the results of Metastatsis of Cancer Cells.  Our PPARs is able to activate PPARs Gamma to increase cell adhesion thereby reducing cell migration and the spread (Metastasis) of cancer cells.

  • Reduce Inflamation

    PPARs modulates the body’s ability to regulate and decrease inflamation.  Inflamation creates an  environment that promotes both  Angiogenesis and Metastatsis.  By managing inflamation, the body will be better able to starve cancer cells and minimize the spread of cancer cells to other parts of the body by metastatsis.

Our PPARs is being used as a primary agent by Naturapathy doctors in their treatment of cancer patients.

Having no contra-indications with most oncological medical treatments, it is being used by medical doctors as an adjunct nutritional support to standard oncological treatments.