SimplyNature PPARs Liquid Extract

Peroxisome – Increase Oxygen for Cells
Proliferator – Increase Completely Productive New Cells
Activated – Activate Cells Function
Receptors – Increase Cells Respondence

-help lowering blood triglycerid, help lowering low density Lipoprotein Cholestrol.
-help blood sugar regulation for Diabetic.
-enhance immunity cell proliferator capability
-enhance macrophage cell activity,
-enhance Nature Killer cell activity,
-enhance IFN-y cytokine secretion

The 3 isoforms of alpha, beta and gamma can potentially help lipid metabolism, glucose homeostasis, anti-inflammation, immunoregulation and cell differentiation (cancer).

It has shown major breakthrough to treat metabolism syndrome (diabetes mellitus, obesity, hyper-chloesterolemia and hypertension) and improve control of cardiovascular diseases like stroke and myocardial infarction.

SimplyNature PPARs Liquid Extract

  • PPARs "The Most promising biomedical molecules in the 21st Century." is a nutritional superfood with all the benefits of a vegetable, high in chlorophyll, rich in nucleic acids, CGFs and alkaline in nature. Help fights diseases and provides fuels to cells as well. Ideal complementary supplementation to treatments of metabolic syndromes, immunology ailments and cancers.  30 capsules of softgel PPARs concentrate extract. 


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