SimplyNature’s PPARs: Your Key to Prevention and Management!

Clinically proven to help your body manage blood sugar levels naturally.

The most important independent risk factors for CardioVascular Diseases include dyslipidemia along with hypertension, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, diabetes and chronic inflammation.  Discovery of Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptors (PPARs) as a key regulator of metabolic pathways has led to significant insight into the mechanisms regulating these processes. 


PPARs act as nutritional sensors that regulate a variety of homeostatic functions including metabolism, inflammation and development. PPAR-alpha is the main metabolic regulator for catabolism whereas PPAR-gamma regulates anabolism or storage.Several clinical and preclinical studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of PPAR ligands on various cardiovascular risk factors.

Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Manage your blood cholesterol naturally with PPARs agonist.

Lower LDL

SimplyNature PPARs has been proven to lower LDL in clinical trials.  Most patients experience normalising of their blood cholesterol levels after one month of using PPARs tablets.  

Increase HLD

SimplyNature PPARs has also been proven to increase HDL levels in clinical trials.  HDL are good cholesterol that help remove LDL or bad cholesterol build-up in your blood vessels.  HDL reduces, removes and recycles LDL by transporting it to your liver to be reprocessed.


PPARs ligands demonstrate anti-atherosclerosis functions.  The natural PPARs agonists in SimplyNature PPAR products activates the body’s PPAR ligands to protect our blood vessels from Atherosclerosis.

With Polyphenols

PPARs Plus Tablets

SimplyNature PPARs Plus is fortified with natural Grape Polyphenols including Resveratrol from red grape skin for added anti-oxidants and cardiovascular protection, it is suitable for all ages from infants to elderly. This readily digestive alkaline micro-algae formula brings all the body's needed nutrients that supports the immune system. 

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Testimonials. Real People. Real Stories

“It felt good because for the first day in a long time he didn’t take insulin shot.” And from that time on to this day he hasn’t taken any insulin shots."





-Dr. Romeo Gavino

Prostate Cancer, Stage 4

Role of PPAR in cardiovascular diseases.

Das SK1, Chakrabarti R.


Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the most critical global health threat, which contributes more than one third of global morbidity. CVD includes heart disease, vascular disease, atherosclerosis, stroke and hypertension. The most important independent risk factors for CVD include dyslipidemia along with hypertension, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, diabetes and chronic inflammation. 

* Patients on (strong) diabetes medication should monitor their blood sugar levels closely while using SimplyNature PPARs.  Because their body might be effectively managing their blood sugar levels, the additional intake of diabetes drugs at previous dosages may induce hypo-glycemia or low blood sugar levels.  Patients who are experiencing positive results in blood sugar management using medication and Simplynature PPARs should review with their physician on the possibiity of lowering their diabetes medication gradually.


** Certified by the Ministry of Health, Taiwan to be beneficial for the management of blood sugar, blood cholesterol, and immune system.  Certification is based on peer reviewed and published medical research.

PPARs has great effects on DIABETES, SKIN  diseases and people who are suffering from CANCER.





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