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PPARs Extract Powder

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PPARs Extract Powder

PPARs Extract Powder

$680.00 USD
$640.00 USD

Cancer, Chemotherapy Protection, Immune System Activator and Booster, Natural Management of Blood Cholesterol & Blood-Sugar, For Cancer, Diabetes by SimplyNature

  • PPARs Powder Extract will enable your body to nourish itself back to equilibrium state, also known as homeostasis. Its powerful regulatory and anti-inflammatory properties means it is ideal for diabetics and those at risks alike to control and manage their blood sugar levels — because it is simply a whole food vegetarian-based diet!

  • It contains high concentration of DNA, RNA, Cell Growth Factor (C.G.F) & PPARs. Cells of the human body requires food to help activate cell core in order to work up and do regeneration. DNA and RNA that is cell food produced by PPARs.

  • Potent in activating Peroxisome Proliferator Activated receptors (PPARs)

    Anti-Inflamatory Compounds

    Regulatory Effect: Bring blood sugar levels back to normal and healthy range