What are the side effects from consuming PPARs supplement from Simply Nature?

As you have already been aware of the benefits that PPARs bring for health, especially for cancer stricken patients or diabetic patients, it is natural to ask about the potential side effects that may come from consuming PPARs supplement. In this post we will share about the concerns that you may have about consuming PPARs supplement from Simply Nature.


The PPARs produced and marketed by Simply Nature has no side effects on consumer. This is because the supplement is a superfood that builds immunity should one has no illness. Commonly PPARs is very useful in treating cancer and simultaneous consumption of PPARs alongside medical treatment has proven successful. Reach out to us or read our blogs and youtube videos for real testimonials.



  1. Simply Nature PPARs in The Philippines

  2. Naturopathy Doctors endorsing Simply Nature's PPARs

  3. Why are there no side effects from consuming Simply Nature PPARs?

  4. Simply Nature PPARs (result of natural super food) to boost immune system in cancer fight

  5. There are no side effects from consuming PPARs supplement from Simply Nature


Simply Nature PPARs in The Philippines


In The Philippines, Simply Nature’s Chairman, Mr Shyan Lim, has even been invited to be on GNN with host Mr Toti Casino to talk about PPARs and its current upward trend in being used by doctors in the country to treat diabetic and cancer patients. You may watch the entire video below for more information.




In the video above, Mr Shyan Lim also highlights the example where the world’s renown famous forensic doctor, Dr. Henry Chang-Yu Lee, endorsed the PPARs product which helped him improve his health, through reducing triglycerides and ldl without any endorsement fee. This is great testimony from him that his health improved, without him mentioning any side effects.


Naturopathy Doctors endorsing Simply Nature's PPARs


Naturopathy doctors in The Philippines such as Dr. Engie D. Domondon, MD, MHSc, BSN, RN confirms about the positive effects that PPARs has on her patients, as she shared in the video below that the way to deal with cancer cells is to starve them. Cancer cells try to steal or absorb the food that we consume to grow on it. But when one consumes PPARs, there is no way the cancer cells can snatch it from you and they get starved. You may zoom into 0:40 to listen to her explanation and examples. Towards the end of the video, she mentions that there is no side effects, but instead you look younger, feel stronger and have more vitality.




Various other sources on Google also support the fact that there is no side effect from consuming PPARs supplement especially from Simply Nature. If you suffer from chronic diseases, the Algae ingredient in the supplement has been proven to have positive results on individuals. It is used in the treatment of ulcers, cancer, senility liver disease, etc. People with hypoglycemia have given testimonies of how the supplement has helped them to recover and made their blood sugar levels stable, which is very important.


Why are there no side effects from consuming Simply Nature PPARs?


Simply Nature PPARs has been touted to be an amazing natural food supplement and it has been in the market for over two decades. This means that any side effects if ever or any, would have been reported and clinically proven otherwise. However, this has not been the case and the source where it came from, Taiwan, has flourished even to The Philippines.


People from different parts of the world have been consuming it to get more energy, get rid of free radicals, improve the aesthetical nature of their skin, relieve the body of oxidative stress, anti-aging, burn unwanted body fat, assists in digestion and get rid of inflammation to treating cancer and chronic diseases. Simply Nature PPARs is rich in DNA and RNA and other forms of adaptogen that helps the body adapt to varying levels of stress, so if you feel stress, perhaps your body is also lacking some crucial elements.


Some super ingredients that we commonly know that are beneficial to our bodies and are present in PPARs are chlorophyll, algae, and phycocyanin. These ingredients are rich in anti-aging, antioxidants, and anti-inflammation that was brought together by nutritionists to make PPARs.


These single-celled, blue-green algae that are microscopic in nature, results in the PPARs tablets and powder taking on a green appearance, because of the presence of a green coloring pigment from chlorophyll and phycocyanin. The algae and plankton component within PPARs, helps in the conversion of solar energy to protein and carbohydrates, etc through a series of actions known as photosynthesis. Algae contain bioavailable protein and a regular consumption of PPARs gives one the necessary protein that contains all the essential amino acids that our human body needs.


Simply Nature PPARs (result of natural super food) to boost immune system in cancer fight


Simply Nature PPARs is a result of natural super food, hence there is no side effects to the body or any other organs.


Below you can hear about Dr. Jansen Tan Calalan’s health talk, where he explains how PPARs can boost your immune system to fight cancer and other chronic diseases as well as viral infections, in the light of the current Co-vid19 situation in the world now. He explains the side effects brought by chemo therapeutic drug which may damage the liver, kidney, heart and even bone marrow, but with consumption of PPARs, all these side effects can be eliminated (0:20). Should you have time, do watch the video below to understand more.




There are no side effects from consuming PPARs supplement from Simply Nature


To sum up, there are no side effects from consuming PPARs supplement from Simply Nature, due to its composition comprising of natural super foods and the properties that PPARs bring to the body from starving cancer cells to improving immunity for the body. PPARs has also been given triple recognition by the Health Ministry of Taiwan – this is by no means an easy feat, to be recognized thrice and to pass all the stringent criteria given by the Health Ministry of Taiwan equivalent to the Department of Health in The Philippines. It has also been certified to lower blood sugar levels (extremely beneficial for diabetic patients or pre-diabetic people), lower cholesterol levels and to improving immunity system – to combat against viral diseases like Co-vid19 as well as to combating cancer cells. Speak to our friendly consultants on Facebook if you have any questions. :)

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