What is the PPARs price in The Philippines from Simply Nature?

What is the PPARs price in The Philippines from Simply Nature?

Simply Nature Inc in The Philippines has set up online stores on few platforms such as Lazada and Shopee, to make purchase a breeze for consumers. PPARs are sold in the form of tablets, extract powder form as well as liquid vials.


If you were to purchase one tablet bottle, its purchasing name is called SimplyNature PPARs Plus Tablets 150, originally going at retail price of PHP 2,400, now there is 30% discount off, which costs only just PHP 1,680 (as of 27 Feb 2020). If you were to purchase in bulk such as 2 tablet bottles, originally its retail price is PHP 4,000 and there is a 22% discount, going for just PHP 3,100 (as of 27 Feb 2020). Really worth it to snap 2 bottles up as per bottle would than cost around PHP 1550 instead of PHP 1680, more savings for consumers!


More information about Simply Nature PPARs:


For the PPARs sold in tablet form, its designed for anti-aging and anti-cancer, considered as a complete cell food for one’s health and beauty needs. The Tablet PPARs Plus Polyphenols is a complete micro-nourishment food source derived from high grade organic micro-algae which scientists call the “Perfect Cell Food” for the enormous health benefits that it brings.


It is rich in natural PPARs agonist and CGF for the regulation of cell development and metabolism. It is also a perfect source of natural cell nutrition, fortified with natural Grape Polyphenols including Resveratrol from red grape skin for added anti-oxidants and cardiovascular protection. The good thing about it is that it is suitable for all ages from infants to elderly. No worries about age group restrictions.


This readily digestible alkaline micro-algae formula brings all the body’s needed nutrients that supports the immune system. PPARs has been awarded Taiwan Ministry of Health 3 claims approved:

1. help lowering blood triglycerid help lowering low density Lipoprotein Cholestrol.

2. help blood sugar regulation for Diabetic.

3. enhance immunity cell proliferator capability, enhance macrophage cell activity, enhance Nature Killer cell activity, enhance IFN-y cytokine secretion


For those of you who are insistent natural food eaters, refusing to eat artificial chemical foods, you will be happy to know that this PPARs from Simply Nature is 100% Natural Whole Cell Food. There is no LBM, no palpitation, no headache and no side effects from consumption. It also helps to flush out all toxins in your body, regulates your PMS, enhancing your metabolism (keeping you slimmer), clearing your skin, reducing bad breath if ever you have, helping in weight loss too. All natural means its safe for daily consumption and also for breastfeeding mothers.



For the extract powder jar, it goes for PHP 30,000 and you can buy it from Lazada even with instalments allowed.


For the PPARs Extract Liquid Vials, it goes for PHP 30,000, but now there is a discount of 4%, so you pay only PHP 28,900 (as of 27 Feb 2020).


More information about the PPARs Extract Powder and PPARs Extract Liquid Vials:


The PPARs powder extract or the PPARs Extract Liquid Vials will enable your body to nourish itself back to equilibrium state, also known as homeostasis. Its powerful regulatory and anti-inflammatory properties means it is ideal for diabetics and those at risks alike to control and manage your blood sugar levels. So if you are pre-diabetic or diabetic, this will be a great help for you. If you are a vegetarian, great news here, as it is a vegetarian-based whole food.


What is in it?


It contains high concentration of DNA, RNA, Cell Growth Factor (CGF) & PPARs. This is how it works, as cells of our human body requires food to help activate the cell core in order to work up and do regeneration. DNA and RNA is cell food produced by PPARs. If you have been to our health talks, you will remember that we need to activate PPARs to aid in cancer treatment or to increase benefits in our health. Consuming this PPARs extract powder will help you to activate PPARs (Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptors).


Some of the benefits you can expect your body to gain:

· Cellular Activation

· CGF providing abundant energy for your cells.

· Boosting the Immune System

· Phycocyanin: Anti-Viral, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Oxidation.

· Blood purification and anti-toxic effect from abundant chlorophyll content (almost 100 times more than normal vegetables)

· Anti-aging effects through conversion of the human body from acidic to alkaline.

· Prevention and treatment of chronic diseases through nutrition.

· Managing blood cholesterol.

· Managing blood sugar.

· Help lowering blood triglycerid, help lowering low density Lipoprotein Cholestrol.

· Help blood sugar regulation for Diabetic.

· Enhance immunity cell proliferator capability

· Enhance macrophage cell activity

· Enhance Nature Killer cell activity

· Enhance IFN-y cytokine secretion


So what is the PPARs price in The Philippines from Simply Nature?


It depends on which PPARs form you are purchasing, for PPARs Tablet forms at original retail price it goes for PHP 2,400, for PPARs Extract Powder Form and PPARs Liquid Vials, both retail at PHP 30,000 without discount. So do take advantage for the discounts given and you can conveniently purchase them on either Lazada or Shopee or even attend the health talks which can also be found on Facebook page here.