How to heal Rheumatoid Arthritis Naturally

Over the years, more and more people are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis which have severely affected their daily life, including losing their ability to work as they used to be. The most severe symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis would be deformation of joints and immobility. People have been trying to find cures to treat and relieve the symptoms and pains associated with rheumatoid arthritis but very limited work.

Thus, in this post, we will cover some natural remedies that will effectively reverse and improve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis which can help you to feel better from the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis:

  1. What is Rheumatoid Arthritis and the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis

  2. How to Heal Rheumatoid Arthritis Naturally

  3. Physical Therapy

  4. Balanced Diet for Rheumatoid Arthritis

  5. Natural supplements to heal Rheumatoid Arthritis

  6. Omega 3-Fatty Acid

  7. Vitamin D

  8. Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated receptor (PPARs) - The Natural Combatant of Inflammation

  9. Simply Nature PPARs Supplements

  10. Summary

What is Rheumatoid Arthritis and the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is the most common type of autoimmune arthritis. It is an autoimmune disease that causes chronic inflammation of the joints. This occurs when the immune system is not working orderly and mistakenly attacked the body tissue

In a normal immune system, a complex organization of cells and antibodies will be designed to “seek and destroy” the body invaders, infections in particular. On the other hand, the patients who are having rheumatoid arthritis, the immune cells and antibodies in the blood will target their own body tissues, thereby causing inflammation. The classic rheumatoid arthritis features are joint tissue inflammation and inflammatory arthritis that cause joint pain and damage throughout the body.

The earliest sign of Rheumatoid Arthritis is that you will feel the joint stiffness, particularly in the morning or after any period of prolonged inactivity including sitting or napping.

The Joint pain and swelling usually come after the joint stiffness. The most common body parts that will suffer from the pain and swelling include wrists and fingers. Yet, you may also feel pain in your shoulders, ankles, knee or feet.

Rheumatoid Arthritis will affect joints on both sides of the body like both knees, both wrists or both hands. This makes it easier to differentiate from the other kind of arthritis.

Further, you may feel unusually tired well before any other symptoms become obvious. The tiredness will come on and off for weeks or even months. Sometimes, fatigue will even be accompanied by depression.

These symptoms may vanish or maybe mild during remission. Yet they can become very serious during an outbreak.

Over time, rheumatoid arthritis can also affect the other part of the body and systems. It might affect your skin, blood vessels, lungs and eyes. The patients who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis are twice as likely to get stroke or heart disease compared to those who have no rheumatoid arthritis. The risk of getting a heart attack will increase 60% one year after you have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis This is because it will attack the lining of your heart (pericardium), and cause inflammation throughout your body.

How to Heal Rheumatoid Arthritis Naturally

Currently, the research into medications in order to treat rheumatoid arthritis is still ongoing. However, you can find some natural ways to reduce the discomfort, slowing its progression and thereby slowly heal this chronic disease.The objective of treatment in rheumatoid arthritis is to reduce joint inflammation and pain, boost the joint function and mobility, and avoid deformity and joint destruction.

Particular lifestyle adjustments and remedies may also help to improve your quality of life when living with RA. Keep reading to find out more about these and other ways to heal rheumatoid arthritis naturally.

1. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is one of the best remedies for rheumatoid arthritis patients to maintain and facilitate their physical strength. This includes regular or specific exercises, and others to enhance the muscles, joints and bones mobility and stimulated in safe and controlled ways. Following are the recommended physical therapy that may helps people with rheumatoid arthritis:

Exercises can be greatly beneficial and helpful in relieving pain and joint stiffness for the rheumatoid arthritis patients, particularly during a flare. Exercise improves joint function and flexibility, increases range of motion, and enhances your mood by releasing the endorphin. According to a 2014 research, exercises also increase the quality of sleep and reduce fatigue in rheumatoid arthritis patients.

The best low-impact exercise available for Rheumatoid Arthritis patients is stretching. An ideally stretching routine will be:

i. Warm up- you can either standing for 3-5 minutes or walking in place or pumping the arms while sitting)

ii. Next, hold each stretch for 10-20 seconds and release it.

iii. Repeat each of the stretches for 2-3 times.

Otherwise, you can also choose other low-impact aerobic exercises like cycling, walking, and swimming to improve your overall health and reduce the joint pressure thereby relieving pain. as long as you avoid those high-impact sports.

Heat and Cold Therapy are often recommended in alleviating pain, stiffness and swelling of the joints. Heat Therapy assists in reducing the pressure on your muscle and improving blood circulation. Take note that moist heat will be able to warm your joints in a shorter period than dry heat. While cold therapy will help in reducing the inflammation, swelling and soreness of the joints. Cold Therapy is also helpful in temporarily relieving joint pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis.

People with rheumatoid arthritis are encouraged to use heat therapy in order to warm up the joint(s) before physical therapy exercise and apply the cold therapy after exercise.

Tips of using Heat Therapy:

*Use a safe heat source like showers or baths, hot towels, electric heating pads and hot water bottles.

*Do not use the heat for excessive lengths of period, and do often check your skin for redness while applying the heat.

Tips of using Cold Therapy

*Do not apply the cold or ice packs directly to your skin

*You may wrap the ice or bag of frozen peas in a towel before applying to your skin.

*Avoid applying cold for over 15 minutes at a time.

Massage Therapy has been used over a thousand years to relieve the pain and discomfort originating in overuse, stress and chronic-pain conditions. It helps to manipulate the targeted joints, muscles, tendons and other soft tissues, thereby relieving the pain.

There are few types of massages for you who suffer with Rheumatoid Arthritis:

I. Hot stone massage which combines both hands-on therapy and the application of hot stones that can reduce the muscles tension and relieve pain.